Windsurf rental

We not only offer world-class equipment but also a variety of boards and rigs rarely found in watersport centers. No matter how experienced you are, from the lightest kid’s learner kit up to formula-styled freeriding or special challenges, you’ll have the right choice. Pfd, harness waist and neoprene clothing is included in the rental fee. Generally, it is not necessary to book equipment in advance, but if you stick to one unique kit, you can ring or email us in advance.P1030708-Másolás

Learner kits: 

Simmerstyle rigs (4.0-4.5-5.0 sqm with epoxy-carbon spars);
Blade and powerkid kid’s kits (2.0 – 4.0 sqm, rdm aluminum spars);
Hifly boards (centreboarders, volume 175 l  – 240 l).



A real up-to-date innovation:

The inflatable iRig weight not more than 20-30% of its equivalent traditional learner rig (as few as 1-2 kg!), not containing any hard material which makes it safer, lighter and more fun. Further details on the producers home page HERE.

Freeride- and pro equipment:
Severne sails and Neilpryde rigs (4.0-8.5 sqm, 35-70% carbon RDM spars);
Starboard Start, Starboard Go, Drops, Bic, Mojo- and Pirateboards custom boards (from 83 to 240 liters in various shapes).


Board specialities

Starboard Gemini
Rarely found in other rentals, a tandem board with two rigs on one special board, turns windsurfing, an inherently individual sport into a surprisingly social one. You can either talk while windsurfing, or safely ride with your daughter or son, either with or without a sail in their hands – as the Gemini works out with only one adult rig and two (or more..) passengers, too! 11071399_884382531621726_2075350548936351257_n

Starboard Serenity
The Serenity is designed for those who want more challenge  in light winds or just want to glide like a charm on flat water. It improves your balance, “cuts” the water and produces speed that has been unknown so far in such light breeze. The design features unusual concepts in terms of windsurf boards: extremely narrow and long hull, rounded bottom and kayak-like shape with only one integral foil equipped between the usual location of the fin and centreboard. starboard_serenity

Mojo Custom Boards Windsup 10′ and 10’6
The increasingly popular inflatable windsup boards for fun, comfort and light feel. Available from June, 2016 at our resortMojo_airsup_logoval.

Early planing
We put a great deal of effort in order to develop THE equipment that is both easy to handle and can get planing early on our special waters, an environmental context that differs a lot from those most factory boards are tested and designed for. That is, we need a board that is relatively big and wide to hold in the lulls and stable in small but steep chops, but also light and flat enough to get on plane early in “sticky” fresh water. More volume in the back also mean more forgiving character, invaluable for those intermediate learners who just enter the exceptional world of planing. All this, without the well-known drawbacks of funboarding: sinking boards with a need of waterstarting skills, upwind difficulties, unstable ride in gusty air, and the drawbacks of formula windsurfing: exceptionally heavy and large rig for very skillful rider and a vulnerable board that has serious difficulty with upwind if not planing. prtboard_windsupThe solution was the somewhat obsolete-sounding “freeformula” design, a wide and light user-friendly board designed for relatively smaller (5-8 sqm) rigs that produces the necessary dynamic lift. 11143734_904502646276381_3752579092859520866_oThe Bic NOVA and its “relative” custom cousin, a Pirateboards WS Windsup guarantees the most hassle-free planing fun even in low-end conditions. It’s powered by lightwight, camberless, easy freeride sail of 6,7, 8,5 or 7,5 sqm Severne Convert rigs with high-content carbon rdm spars. 11169569_886004584792854_7320896476048191177_oThese rigs are exremely light but their deep profile “poweres up” even in medium wind conditions, very competitive with havy camber rigs of similar purpose.

Easy going
When it is undoubtedly planing time, the iconic Starboard Go with 151 liters, nicknamed the eminence grise, is the way to go. Various fins are at hand to suit all sail range.


Classic freeride
drops-2008-naked-144Pirateboards “Terrorboard” and Drops Naked, both volumes 144 liters, to cover wind range down to sinkers. These boards behave as standard freeride gear. Very versatile, fast and stable, however they require true basic funboarding skills. In case the wind drops you can still uphaul the rigg and cruise home.



Rental fees, 10-hour tickets and seasonal ticket offers can be found at RATES. Rental terms can be found here. Smooth riding!