SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) túrák és programok

Stand up paddleboarding, as its name suggests, is an outdoor activity at which the paddler stands on a surfboard-like board and propel him- or herself with a special (sup) paddle. According to the Outdoor Foundation’s report in 2013, it has been identiefied as the outdoor sport with the most first-time participants with a median age of 28 in the USA.

The SUP may provide an accessibility to nature and water to a formerly unknown range of people, most of them not willing or not having the time and circumstances such as suitable weather, necessary to learn a specific sport like wave surfing.

SUP Stand Up Paddle Yoga

Yoga on SUP board

Let’s take a closer look! The board, wide enough to provide the paddler with bouyoancy and stability for the paddler in small chops as well, may be used for touring, wave surfing or downright as a platform for gym excercises – even yoga. Accordingly, there are several types of SUP, including the ones fitted for windsurf use. Boards are made mostly of various plastic types and sometimes even wood. Inflatable pvc-based SUPs became extremely popular. Transportable in a medium-sized suitcase, it’s perfect as a kayak substitute or something you can just have fun on the beach too.
From 2016 on, we plan to sort regular SUP sunset tours and other SUP classes starting from our resort in Balatonföldvár. Paticipants can sign up in advance. Details will be published on our site soon. Our aim is to really introduce SUP for a large variety of people and make them discover a new dimension of their leisure time.
Our friends holding a seasonal pass can make use of our resort’s SUP fleet the very same way the have been doing so far.

Sign up for SUP programs HERE.

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