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Rental terms and conditions 2015

1. At Wasserstart Watersports all participants regarding any water activity must be able to swim, sign a waiver, observe rules on water and rental terms below, and pay rental fee prior to use (1 hour minimum).
2. Wearing a life jacket or pfd is mandatory in any water activity.
3. Only skillful individuals are allowed to rent monohull dinghies, catamaran, single handed sea kayaks and windsurf kit. In case these skills are missing, they are available through our on-the-spot courses.
4. Underage clients must have their parent or guardian sign a waiver form for them and have their consent for hire or lessons.
5. Booking and pre-arrangement is possible through payment of an advance. A minimum 24 hours notice of cancellation is required. There is no credit given for hire cancelled within this time.
6. Rental payment (1 hour minimum) is due prior to rental time.
7. Trimming and personal adjustments (including windsurf rig exchange within rental time) for our students and clients is free of charge. However the Center assumes no responsibility for any damage/injury that may result from using these equipments and/or product in any way.
8. Rental time is the time booked for a specific equipment and is considered in one-hour shifts.
9. Minimum rental time is one hour. Any extra hour started is considered an extra hour rental time.
10. Certain equipments or hire under special circumstances require deposit that is returned upon returning the equipments.
11. A one-off booking and rental time (e.g. 4 hours) cannot be delayed or divided into separate sessions on subsequent calendar days (for this effect, see 10-hours tickets and season tickets).
12. In case there is no further booking for a specific equipment and the Center is still open, rental time may be prolonged after expiration.
13. Only single individual is entitled to use a windsurf kit within rental time. However, two persons may use one kit simultaneously if: preliminary notice is made; the other person observes rental rules and signs the waiver; no tuition takes place; a 25% surcharge fee is paid. More than 2 individual are not allowed to use one windsurf kit.
14. Overtime use without notice results in surcharge.
15. Our clients are always required to seek assistance from our center in terms of launching and later mooring or parking the equipment.
16. No dinghy rental is allowed over 11 knots average wind speed (force 4 Beaufort). When the wind picks up after going afloat, the dinghy is required to return to our center for briefing.
17. It is not allowed to upset natural environment or any other human activity in the vicinity, including the feel-good of anybody else aboard.
18. Rented equipment must not be exposed to extreme and/or improper use.
19. Windsurf, dinghies and the catamaran may be used exclusively within the area determined by our colleague. Without such briefing, sailing activity must take place over the official bathing area but within 1500 m off shore (without storm warning) and must comply with maritime rules and storm warnings. In sideshore wind conditions watersport activity must press towards windward side. Flatwater kayak, stand up paddle boards and single boards may not be used over 100 m off shore. Sit-on-top beach kayaks must stay within 50m off shore.
20. Abandoning the area determined for watersport activity results in expiration of rental time and an immediate rescue operation. A one-off rescue operation costs at least 6000 HUF / equipment surcharge on rental fee.
21. Sportsmen must stay visible and able to communicate with our resort or return immediately in case of sudden change in terms of weather conditions and/or storm warning.
22. As for long-distance sailing plans, negotiations and pre-arrangements with the Center’s colleague is a must, including ways of communications (cell number). This is the only option in order to tie up the equipment at a place other than the center.
23. Rescue operation for capsized dinghy results in a minimum of 6000 HUF surcharge + cover for any damage caused. If rescue operation involves powerboat or any other assistance, client is responsible to cover all extra costs.
24. Any damage during rental time must be covered by the client. The Center assumes no liability for the use of any equipment and/or products purchased, rented, used, and by purchasing/using this equipment and/or product from the Center, you understand, acknowledge and accept this release of liability.
25. The Center’s insurance may be purchased upon rental. This covers any damage occurring during proper use of the equipment.
26. Sport lessons may be conducted exclusively by our colleagues at our resort. As for exceptions, please consult our colleague in advance.
27. On weekends, certain equipments are available for half-day rental only, in case they are shortlisted for other sportsmen too.

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