We offer a wide range of watersport equipment such as windsurf kits, dinghies, SUPs and catamarans. Moreover, there are pushibes, kayak and beach kayaks available for rent. Please note that some are ready to go, some other (such as sport dinghies or catamarans) require special skills that you need to prove before takeaway or present a relevant license or other proof of skills.
Rental terms apply to all equipments, see HERE. The most important ones are as follows:

– Prior to rental, signing a waiver on swimming ability, observation of rules on water and proper use of equipment;

– Wearing life jacket or pfd during watersport activity;

– Payment due before rental;

– In terms of certain equipment, proof or demonstration of certain skills is required.

You can check further details in the respective menu pages and the rental terms.

Smooth sailing!